5 Handy Tools to Help You Create the Perfect Domain Name for your Business!
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5 Handy Tools to Help You Create the Perfect Domain Name for your Business!

So you want something that describes the essence of your business, something that is unique, fun, easy to remember but is also the voice of your brand. It gets worse when you think about something really snappy and then realize it has already been taken. There is less to worry because here we discuss about some of the best tools to help you create the perfect domain name for your business. Have a look at some of the most popular ones:

5 Handy Tools to Help You Create the Perfect Domain Name for your Business

  • NameMesh: Brainstorm new name ideas for your business with NameMesh. The tool uses more than 20 generators to find unique domain names for your business. Create domain names based on different categories like common, new, short, fun, similar domain names and so much more.
  • BigNameWiz: Search for keywords and you will be amazed by the names this business name generator offers to you. This is probably the simplest of all business name generators. You can also enter a few related words along with the keyword and just hit on the “Buzz” button. Along with a list of business name suggestions, this tool also gives you the status on domain name availability.
  • Panabee: If you are looking for a tool to check the availability of your website address, Panabee is the one for you. In case the name is already taken, the little flying Panda-bee, from which Panabee gets its name, will suggest you other names. Panabee will also show you a few interesting variations around your preferred keyword and also the URLs of your competitors for that keyword.
  • Dot-o-mator: What you have to do is enter one or more keywords and then add a few prefixes and suffixes and then combine them to get unique results on domain names. What’s more you can save your favorite domain names on the scratch board and also check their availability. Dot-o-mator has also released an Android and iPhone app now.
  • Impossibility: When Impossibility combines your keyword with its set of nouns, verbs and adjectives, what you get is a list of unregistered domain names. You can also choose whether you want your keyword to appear at the beginning or the end. It’s simple and fast.

This comprehensive list will come handy when you are trying to give a unique domain name to your business or brand. If we have missed on something or if you know about another tool which you would like to add to this list, share it with us in the comments section below.




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