Advantages of Windows Hosting
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Advantages of Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a web hosting which locates user file on a web server that uses the windows operating system. It supports traditional hypertext mark-up language files. There are generally two options when it comes to web hosting- Linux and Windows. Despite Linux dominating the hosting arena, windows is gaining more popularity and it is becoming more commonly used. Here are the various benefits that windows hosting users enjoy.

The .Net framework
It is a perfect choice for websites relying on .net visual basics. It is actually the only choice that provides the requirement to accomplish building a website using .net languages.

Extensions on front page
In case you are using Microsoft front page web design program, using windows hosting will make your work much easier. You will not have to struggle and worry much in ensuring that your server supports web extensions.

Easy to use
Almost every computer user is familiar with windows operating system. Windows server learns almost the same as a windows operating system. This makes it easy for anyone one using windows server has an easy time.

Access compatibility
For websites that require to collect their data from an access database, windows hosting is their best choice. It is able to integrate database seamlessly.

Compatibility and ranging support
Various developers have created applications that are compatible with windows based servers. From internet information services, to SQL, all these applications are designed to support one another and are compatible to windows based server. The same can hardly be said about Linux and Unix.

Cost effectiveness
Windows hosting has beaten all other hosting in terms of cost efficiency. The licenses owned by Microsoft contributes greatly to this. Windows hosting is quite affordable. You can get a feature rich hosting plan on windows at a very low cost.

Windows hosting therefore is a best choice for anyone who wishes to make web management easy and cost effective. It is a viable option for various needs. This platform efficiently provides all the functionalities provided by Linux and Unix. It is even more when you consider compatibility with other windows applications. Amazingly, all this comes at a very affordable price.


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