Basic Of Web Hosting
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Basic Of Web Hosting

Get your hosting basics right

It’s where your business stays and moves forward. Web hosting is the placement of your website on the Internet through a server. Effectively to be on the Internet, you need a strong platform or launchpad into a hosting server. Do you have it? How strong and unbiased your web server is?

How to choose an honest web hosting service provider?

Searching in the dark? Zeroing into a reliable hosting can be a uphill task. This is because hosting companies mostly stress on the large corporate market and overlook the sensitive small office/home office (SOHO) sector. Do their plan blend with your requirement?

Selecting a server operating system

Selection of server is crucial because that’s the platform (Linux or Microsoft Windows NT Server) where you and your team of web developers, designers, database administrators are going to work, most likely for a collocation setup. What’s your OS going to be then? Is it in rhyme with your infrastructure? Be sure that the server operating system suits your needs.

What’s in a domain name?

What’s in a name??! Everything…that’s how you and your business are perceived by your target. A domain name (Web address) is your Internet identity and your unique online brand, the way your clients and web readers perceive you.

Want to host the site. Get the inside details

Yes, you are the king now. They know it. But, does your hosting service providers practice what they preach? Learn about the basic and advanced services you should expect from them. Get to the depth of industry norms. Know what lies behind the curves.

Pitfalls to avoid while choosing a host

There’s only one way out. You’ve to pick the right hosting consultant from the world wide crowd. When everybody says I am fine, don’t sink into the sheer comfort zone allure. You have to understand your requirements and make sure that the hosting provider has all the optimum resources to make up for your requirements.

Selecting A Web Host That Meets Your Needs

Be sure about the exact services you can expect from your hosting provider. From server to support, from bandwidth to free trials, you have to be crystal clear about what you want from the provider. Here, we have quickly picked the crucial complexities about your hosting needs.

7 golden rules to save dollars on web host

You can lower down your cost remarkably if you’ve picked the right web host and if it’s been providing optimum service to you. Find out some of the aspects which you need to know about low cost and high standard web hosting. These reasons will directly attribute to your final balance sheet.

Bandwidth blues

Can you accommodate a twenty tire logistic truck in a service-alley without destroying the fence and season flowers? Can you afford to travel shore-to-shore in international highways with a tiny scooty? If that’s dissonance and complete mismatch, do you want this to happen to your bandwidth avenue? Get a bird’s eye view on bandwidth basics.

Customers are emotional buyers!

So you have browsed the Internet extensively, hopped from shop to shop, earned enough knowledge about the hosting market. You are sure about what you should look into a company before you finally say yes. But, still sometimes you take decisions which are purely led by emotional quotient.

Happy Host Shopping

The majority of site owners on the Internet have a very ‘close relationship’ with their Web sites. They spend hours, days, weeks, months, even years working on each detail of their site. The dedication that a site owner has toward their site is unsurpassed! With technology advancing daily, and options so vast, the site owners tends to become overwhelmed. Fortunately for all, there is a wealth of information to be found on the Internet to help, guide and educate site owners with every aspect of their web presence!

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