Customers are emotional buyers!
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Customers are emotional buyers!

Something about the look of a site, or the feel or the idea or vision it imparts will grasp them and that is why perhaps will choose a particular website, or product over another site.

Good ad copy and content is still important, because customers still use sight to relay what they like about a particular site, but on the internet customers can’t use their regular senses as readily, they rely on a different category of senses. They still rely on sight, and to a small degree sound, but most importantly emotional look and feel.

They subconsciously ask themselves; Do I trust this company? Does the slogan appeal to me? Is that the vision that I want for my company? Does this ad campaign really speak to me? Do I see myself in the people represented in the ad?

If you want to capture your audience you have to find out what really appeals to them, you have to capture the emotional buyer inside of them.

This strategy works for all age groups, and genders. We all have the emotional buyer inside. As a business owner it’s your job to decide what will appeal to your particular audience, or market. What works for one group will not work for another. Teens often require one ad campaign, while a more mature audience might require another. It’s very rare to find an ad that can moves across all audiences successfully and with the same impact, but it can be done. You just have to know your target audience. If you find that your audience is just too diverse for one ad campaign then generate several small but focused campaigns.

You can have two sites with exactly the same prices, same offerings, or concept, but something about the look and feel of one sight will catch the viewers attention while the other site goes by with hardly any notice. Success on the internet as you soon discover is a marketing and advertising game and the sooner business owners come to that realisation the better.

Always remember that the real world has 5 senses on the internet it’s sight and instinct. What your customer sees has an important affect on the decision they will make. It’s good to be able to write effective ad copy, but what customers see, and the imagery presented to them will often have the biggest impact on the decision they make when purchasing a product or service.

Find out about your audience, the look and feel that will best appeal to them, the concept that will grasp them, the vision that will bind them to your company, once you know your audience, then and only then can you go forth and capture or captivate the emotional buyer within.

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