Dedicated vs Shared Web Hosting: Which is Better?
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Dedicated vs Shared Web Hosting: Which is Better?

Many website owners lack clear understanding of dedicated web hosting services, making it hard for them to decide whether they should opt for it or shared hosting.

Dedicated web hosting services allow you to host your site exclusively on a web server. The web host will maintain the server hardware, while leasing the space to the client. The website owner can install the applications on the server as required. They need not worry about the bandwidth as they do not have to share the server resources with other websites.

As security is less of an issue in a dedicated environment, the web master has more freedom, access, and control.

Whether dedicated web hosting is right for you or not depends on a range of factors. For anyone who has a personal site, or a site generating low traffic, dedicated hosting is overkill. Of course, there are people who have a big budget and prefer to have the autonomy. However, for many, it will be stretching their budget.

Key advantages of dedicated web hosting are flexibility, control and flexibility. Bandwidth, memory and hard drive space simply allow the client to use the server for as many needs as they require.

Control that a website owner with dedicated web hosting possess is greater than they would have with shared hosting. For instance, they may be given root access which is not missing in shared hosting.

As for the features, every web host may provide a different set of features. They will usually offer a minimum amount of add on services and allow the client to install their own software, if required. Web masters can expect additional features such as scripts and spam monitoring.

As the server resources are all for a single web host, they need not worry about outgrowing the resources allocated. They also need not get hassled about others’ practices.

On the other side, dedicated hosting is significantly more expensive than shared hosting. One also needs to possess some technical knowledge to make full use of the resources at hand. If not, they will need to hire someone to look after the technical issues.

In a nutshell, dedicated web hosting is excellent choice for those with a popular website and enough budget. However, for someone who is a new entrant in the field with little budget and experience, shared web hosting will be better option.

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