Several Advantages of Windows Web Hosting
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Several Advantages of Windows Web Hosting

Windows servers combine smooth integration with high level of security, single point control, and application compatibility. The platform empowers a large number of websites.

Window servers accept any application from Microsoft leading to fast and efficient integration. In order to take the advantages of integrated.NET framework, the latest technologies such as VB.NET and Active Server Pages, you need to opt for the Windows based web servers.

Coming to database support, Windows hosting is actually far superior when compared to other available alternatives. For the database servers such as MySQL and MSDE, Windows hosting platform provides complete integration, relational database support, and GUI support. It makes your job easier and more efficient. The Microsoft Front Page is a popular web design software that is currently used by many sites around the world. This web hosting platform comes defaulted with a DotNetPanel, which is one of the best administration panels in the industry. It enables the user to centrally manage all the applications while ensuring ease of use. DotNetPanel doesn’t require the user to write a single line of the code to operate the website.

One thing the resellers of Windows hosting boast about is traffic handling skills and robust security of Windows servers. Servers were created to provide users the platform which is capable of handling the overwhelming number of traffic with an ease and give unrivalled security to save the site from any malicious attacks. Other benefits of using Windows Hosting platform are that if the user uses a popular web design program such as Microsoft Front Page, then having the Windows Hosting platform will make life a lot easier. The user will not worry about the server support extensions as their will be a Unix platform.

A lot of individuals argue that Windows web hosting in India costs a lot compared to other alternatives. This may be true but you also have to remember the fact that because of Microsoft licensing, the updates of Windows servers are also released frequently in order to help the user stay in the game.

Windows hosting allows development of software and the server is easily accessible at a fair price. Also any errors in the platform are patched quicker ensuring a 100 percent security and uptime when you compare it to other cheaper alternatives in the market. The services are excellent and users don’t mind paying extra money for a complete peace of mind. The user will also not worry about learning any new language to maintain the website.

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