The Benefits of Reseller Hosting
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The Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a plan that enables the account holder to resell web hosting services. The account holders might be individuals who want to start their own web hosting companies or web designers among others. The web hosting products that are resold include; virtual private servers, dedicated servers and shared web hosting accounts. The reseller splits the bandwidth and the drive space that is allotted to them to be able to sell to other people. Actually, the reseller is a middleman between the hosting company and the third party account owners. With regards to this, here are some of the benefits of reseller hosting enjoyed.

More features than the basic plans

Web hosting companies make sure that the reseller has control over their service offerings and their customers’ accounts. This is enabled through the additional features found on a reseller plan. Having a full control over one’s service offerings enables the reseller to create their own store that has categories of their web hosting products. This web hosting option enables the reseller to have access to their customers’ information that include; billing method, contact details and account status.


Lower cost and expenses

Most of the reseller web hosting plans are available at a low cost. This is an incentive to individuals to purchase these plans as they increase the number of the parent web hosting customers indirectly. Resellers market their services independently, but most web hosting companies guarantee them a complete service branding which enables their customers to see their services on different pages on the internet. The reseller business model is simple and most parent companies offer resellers with tools that are necessary for them to start an effective web hosting company.


Income generation

Unlike the basic web hosting plan, the reseller option has the feature of revenue generation. The reseller gets income from services such as managing data and servers for businesses that don’t have enough resources and time to do this on their own. Acting like a middleman means that, one gets some commission when new customers purchase accounts from the parent host through them. Most people don’t even know whether their host is a reseller or the original host as the reseller company may have its own staff to handle their customer needs. The reseller web hosting service price is normally higher than the parent host’s price, but their response to their customers may be more effective due to a relative small number of customers. It’s also easy to upgrade the reseller account to accommodate more customers, which increases the revenue got. These are some of the benefits of reseller hosting.


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