Understand your Host- A Web Hosting Company!
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Understand your Host- A Web Hosting Company!

Internet has become an integral part of our day to day life. When we want a live cricket update, we switch over to Internet, and if it’s a matter of knowing stock exchange rates, Internet is our primary option… So no matter what our query is, we tend to take the assistance from Internet!

But have you ever thought of having a claim over Internet (may be, on a small portion of it?) No! Then own a website and know how it feels to have an online presence at a global level. ‘Web Hosting is your answer’! Read on to have a better insight on ‘web hosting’ and ‘web development.’

Here are a few essential terms that are related to the business:


World Wide Web or the www, that is written before every domain name (will discuss ‘Domain name’ later on) is the web of computers connected through an HTTP protocol. What does that mean? It means that with the help of it, you will be connected to millions of computers all over the world through this single protocol. You can target the whole world!


Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a communications protocol. In other words it is a language through which the documents are transferred. And what is a web page? It is what you see on your Internet browser. These web pages are initially generated from a particular host and that’s what takes us to the world of Web Hosting in general.

What exactly is Web Hosting?

When we browse a website, we come across various web pages that are our ultimate source of information. They are generated from a web browser and are stored in computers called web servers.

So, if a person wants to own a website (to boost their online business or spread it at a global level), then it is advised to hire the services of a credible web hosting company that allows you to hold a stake of the Internet so that you can own your website. It’s that simple. You will also get a domain registration service (e.g. www.domain.com) from the web hosting company, to make your website official andcopyrighted!

So Go For It…

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