Understanding the Advantages of Web Hosting!
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Understanding the Advantages of Web Hosting!

Reseller hosting is basically a form of web hosting whereby the owner of the account has got the ability to use his/her allotted bandwidth and space in the hard drive to host websites on behalf of the third parties. This means, the reseller purchases the entire host’s services wholesale and then go ahead and sells them possibly for a profit to customers. Many of web hosting companies offer the service. So with reseller hosting, it means that the owner of the account rents it out in portion of the bandwidth and disk space he receives to other end users/consumers.

In this case, the owner of the account is like service supplier to those end users. It should be noted that, individual control panels are offered to end users in most reseller packages. Nevertheless, the end users of the services might not have equal level of technical support like other customers who receive it from established web hosting firms.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

i. Total Control; Other hosting firms restrict the type and number of hosting plans clients can sell. But with these services you get complete control to present any size plans and more so manage your pricing, servers and host an unrestricted amount of websites.

ii. Customer Support; Customer care and support is always an advantage. You are able to connect with several web consultants and get unmatched support and service available 24 hours.

iii. Complete and detailed results; The service comprises everything for building a hosting business e.g. WHM, cPanel and WHMCS which are all added to the package at no cost.

iv. Reliability; This is always an important issue with any service provider. One thing that resellers can do is to assist their clients by providing them with sufficient amounts of storage and bandwidth to help reduce claims and issues of instability.

v. More Features; The reseller accounts include a huge amount of features compared to basic hosting plans. Therefore, you’re able to control the panel for administering your website hence having the capability of managing your site effectively. Windows as well as Linux web hosting is available with resellers.

vi. No extra maintenance fee hence less expensive services.

Cost is definitely the main advantage of reseller hosting. It is therefore essential since it makes it possible for the account holders to market their own bandwidth and storage space. This means that they earn enormous income from advertising the supplementary storage space which they do not need. It also enables resellers to offer website hosting products and services to friends, members of their families and to the rest of the individuals online.


Reseller hosting is excellent for entrepreneurs especially those starting their own businesses. This is because it is a comparatively low risk investment and with limited startup cost. It is also good for the end users who are experienced webmasters. They enjoy the low costs of reseller web hosting services. Alternatively, this service might not be the best choice the individual who is new to programming and hosting since they require some ingenious technical support from already established web hosting firms

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