Web Hosting and Domain Registration: An Insight
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Web Hosting and Domain Registration: An Insight

A website is setup and made online by using web hosting and domain registration processes. But many people have confusion regarding these two terms and some even think that both are same. An insight is required to clear all the confusions regarding these aspects.

Domain registration
The first step in creating a website is to register a domain name. Web address is required in internet to access a site. This address comprises of a domain name and domain extension. The name which is used to recognize a business or blog is known as domain name. For example, Google is the domain name in www.Google.com. Domain extension is the type of business or blog one needs to listed in. In Google web address, “com” is the domain extension which means “company”. You have to select a name and extension for domain very carefully. Using the company’s name for a firm or a title suitable to the intended blog can improve the online visibility very much. Domain extension should be selected on the basis of area of operation and nature of a business. For example, if a website has to setup targeting UK audience, then the web extension should be (dot)uk.

Web hosting
After registering a domain, you have to craft a good looking and functional website. To make the new website go live on internet, it has to be hosted on a server by web hosting service provider. The website gets a certain amount of space and bandwidth during hosting process. This enables you to upload various files to the website and keep it live to the internet users. There are various types of web hosting available for different rates.
In shared web hosting, different websites share a common server. This technique is useful for people who do not require major space for their websites.

Dedicated web hosting is another technique in which an entire server is allocated to a single website. So the space and bandwidth are available in abundant. This hosting is very useful for big websites, like e-commerce sites, official websites of companies, etc.

Web hosting and domain registration are important to setup a website and you must have the complete details if you plan to setup a website soon.

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