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MAC which stands for Media Access Control or Medium Access Control is a network protocol that gives addressing and channel access control to the network by different devices in a local area network (LAN) or metropolitan area network (MAN). This data communication protocol sub-layer is a part of the data link layer specified in the seven layer OSI model.

MAC Address

MAC Address or Media Access Control Address is a quasi-unique identifier connected to most of the network adapters. It is also known as hardware, adapter or physical address. Every device on the Local Area Network has a specific MAC address that identifies different devices and also control access to the network using MAC protocol.

Mailing List

Mailing List is a list of names and e-mail addresses used by an individual or an organization to send the same e-mail to multiple recipients. The list is identified by a single name and whenever a common message is posted to the list, it is copied and automatically forwarded to all the addresses in the mailing list. It is often used to distribute newsletters, product updates information, as a basis for discussions groups etc.

Mail server

Mailserver is a computer program or software agent that is used to send, receive and forward e-mail messages from one computer to another. It is also known as a mail transfer agent or MTA, a mail router, a mail transport agent or an Internet mailer. The computer in the network dedicated to running such programs is even called a mail server. Some of the common mail server programs are Microsoft Exchange, Exim, qmail, sendmail and etc.


MBps or MegaBytes per second is a unit of data transfer rate to and fro a computer storage device. One megabyte is 2 to the 20th power bytes which is equivalent to 1,048,567 bytes in decimal notation. Computer data interfaces are often measured in MBps. It is often confused with Mbps or Megabits per second.


Mbps which stands for Megabits per second is a unit of information transfer rate used to measure data transfer speeds of high bandwidth connections like Ethernet and cable modems. One megabit is equal to 1,000,000 bits or 1,000 kilobits. Often, megabit is confused with megabyte. Roughly, a megabit is one eighth the size of a megabyte.

Megabyte (MB)

A Megabyte or MB is a unit of measurement used to describe digital storage capacity like RAM or Hard Drive. Mathematically, one Megabyte is equal to 1024 Kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes. The term megabyte was coined in 1970.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a low-end relational database management system designed by Microsoft. It is included with the MS Office suite. Microsoft Access has the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine along with a graphical user interface. It is programmable with the help of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and can read Paradox, dBASE and Btrieve files. It can use data stored in Access/Jet, SQL Server, Oracle, or any ODBC-compliant data container.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) running on Windows systems and is produced by Microsoft. It is a high-end database formatted in the SQL language that is closely integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Office System. There are various editions of Microsoft SQL Server for Enterprise, Developer, Workgroup and 64-bit platforms.

Mirror site

Mirror site is an FTP site that stores the exact copies of the same files of some other site. It helps to minimize the load on a particular server and also improves the availability of the original site. One site can be mirrored several times for different countries around the world. Mirror sites are often created when there is heavy traffic on the original site and it becomes too heavy for a single server.

In short, it is file synchronization and any changes in the original site gets automatically reflected in the mirror site.


MySQL is a freely available most popular open-source relational database server that runs on both Unix and Windows servers. It is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server that is owned and sponsored by the Swedish company MySQL AB.

People use informations from the MySQL database to build web pages with ASP, ColdFusion and PHP. It allows users to look for specific information from a large quantity of data stored in the database.

Multi-Domain Plan

Multi-Domain Plan is a web hosting plan that offers multiple domain names to share the resources of the single hosting account. Multi-domain plans are also known as "webmaster plans". These plans are popular with search engine optimizers as they are cost-efficient for clients with several small sites which do not need the resources of a dedicated server.

MX Record: Mail Exchange

Mail Exchange record or MX Record is part of the zone file and it identifies the mail server that takes care of the e-mails for a particular domain name. It is a sort of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which specifies how Internet e-mail should be routed.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting is an expanded and dedicated hosting service where the web hosting company takes the total responsibility for the maintenance and running of the dedicated server for the client. In a managed hosting package, one gets an array of additional or inclusive features.


NIC which refers to Network Interface Card is a computer circuit board or card that helps in connecting a particular machine to the local area network (LAN). Most NICs are designed for a particular type of network, protocol and media. ISA, PCI and PCMCIA are examples of NIC.

.Net Hosting ("dot net")

.Net Hosting is a type of web hosting that supports .Net which is an application framework by Microsoft..Net hosting is becoming more popular day by day.


NOC stands for Network Operations Center which is the location from where administrators supervise, monitor and maintain a telecommunications network. It is the focal point for network troubleshooting, distribution and up-gradation of different softwares, router and domain name management, status monitoring and coordination between connected networks.

The NOC may be located either within a company’s campus or at an external location. A typical Network Operations Center is equipped with visualizations of the network or networks that are being monitored, workstations that can show the detailed status of the network along with the necessary softwares for managing the networks.


ODBC which means Open Database Connectivity is a standard application programming interface (API) used for accessing data stored in different databases in an uniform way. ODBC which is based on the Structured Query Language Access Group specifications is independent of any one programming language, database system or operating system. ODBC was developed by the SQL Access group in 1992.

Operating system

Operating system or simply OS refers to a software program that manages the basic operations of a computer system. Operating system is required for starting a computer and running other application programs. It controls the hardwares that make up a computer and basic system operations like memory management, process management and file management. Some popular operating systems are Windows Me, Windows XP, Linux, MacOS and etc.

Peer-to-Peer network

A peer-to-peer network is a type of transient Internet network that allows a collection of computers with the same networking program to communicate and share informations from one another’s hard drives. A peer-to-peer network is just the opposite of client/server architecture. This type of network is used for sharing content like audio, video, data or anything in digital format.


Perl is the acronym for Practical Extraction and Report Language. It is a programming language developed by Larry Wall in 1987, for processing text. The interpretive language is popularly used for programming CGI applications due to its powerful text-manipulation facilities. Perl is used for web development, Internet services, text processing, mail filtering, systems administration, graphical programming and any other task that needs portable and easily developed solutions.

A Perl program can run on Unix, Windows, NT, Macs, DOS, Plan 9, OS/2, VMS and AmigaOS.


PHP which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a free, open-source server side HTML embedded scripting language. Apart from using it in server-side scripting, PHP can also be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications. PHP files has extensions like .php or php3. Its language style is quite similar to C and Java. PHP is used primarily on Linux Web servers.

Pkzip or PKunzip

Pkzip or Pkunzip are popular compression and decompression DOS programs. Where Pkzip compress large files into a ZIP archive file, Pkunzip is used for extracting the original files from the zip format.


POP is the short form for Post Office Protocol which is the standard protocol used for sending and receiving e-mail. Most e-mail applications use the POP protocol for retrieving e-mail from a mail server. Latest version is POP3.


A port is a socket on the computer or other network device with which it is connected to the network.


Protocol means a standard set of rules that controls or allows the connection, communication and also data transformation between two computers. In short, it is the rules defining the syntax, semantics and synchronization of communication. It may be used by software, hardware or even a combination of the two.

PHP Hosting

PHP is a try of web hosting that supports PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor which is a popular open source server-side scripting language. There are different versions of PHP for the hosts to choose from.


Propagation is the process whereby the nameservers across the world’s Internet servers update their records for a particular domain. For example, say if you move your domain from one host to another, it will generally take around 24 hours or so for the new address to broadcast everywhere. During that 24 hour period, the traffic is less at the old location and high at the new one.

Parking (Domain Name)

Parking (Domain Name) is the method by which someone can select a domain name, and "park" it by registering the domain name under someone’s name servers. One does not have to give the domain name servers of their hosting company. The parked domain names are registered with the InterNIC. However, the parking domain names can’t be used for website or e-commerce services.

This facility is useful when you have a domain name which you do not want to use immediately. What you can do is reserve the name for future use.

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