What Is Shared Web Hosting
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What Is Shared Web Hosting

To own a website, you need to hire the services of a skilled and competent web hosting company! The fact is, a company of this sort offers unlimited services to match the needs of its clients. One of those services is shared web hosting, wherein a lot of websites are placed on one component of server which is further connected to the Internet. Now each and every website has its own place in the server that disjoints it from the other websites.

Shared web hosting is one of the cheapest, yet effective methods of hosting web, as it allows a lot of people to share the expense in a collective manner.

How does the whole process work? In case of shared web hosting service, web control panel plays a very effective role as it is used in almost all the processes. It can be from C-panel, Plesk, H-sphere or any other control panel system.

You will find numerous web hosting providers all over the world. They handle the entire installation process, security, service and each and every technical details of a website with brilliance. A lot of their servers have Linux operating system called as LAMP.

Types Of Shared Web Hosting: A Shared web hosting service is carried in two major ways. Both are crafted, keeping the individual preferences of each customer in mind.

  • The first type is called Name based shared hosting, that deals with various host names on individual machine. That means that you don’t have to invest much, as compared to other web hosting services. It also has own IP address. When you will opt for this option and then surf the Internet, then the web browser will ask for resource from the server via http/. It admits the required resource in the form of a request and server is responsible for taking this information and showing the requested website.


  • The second type that is called IP based shared web hosting, is slightly different from the former one as it involves a distinct IP address for each host! The server houses a lot of virtual interfaces on one particular physical interface. But how does it work? The software that is already present in the server takes the IP address that is sent by the client and locates the required website that can be shown further. It is not only a cost effective method but also employs its own SSL certificate as well. There is one more aspect to shared web hosting company. It is known as cooperative hosting where shared web hosting is done in a private manner by sharing the cost of running a server in a collocation centre.

This is all about a shared web hosting service. But in order to avail it, you need to charter the services of a sound and plausible web hosting company to expand your business at a national or global level.

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