Benefits of Shared Web Hosting
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Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

By now, you might already know that it is essential for all businesses to have websites. It is an effective tool you can use to spread the word about your business, and help in the growth of your brand. However, the hosting costs that come with owning a site can be a huge impediment for business owners to take advantage of website ownership.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this obstacle by deciding to use shared hosting. It is more affordable, and many vendors use it to help businesses set up their web presence in a quick and easy way. This kind of hosting has its own downsides particularly if you are expecting high traffic. Otherwise, it is modestly scalable, inexpensive, accessible, and doesn’t need you to understand web design before creating a great website.

As the name suggests, shared hosting is the sharing of a server by multiple websites. The number can range from tens, hundreds, or even thousands depending on the provider. Websites share the resources on the server and the hosting provider is in charge of maintaining, and also owns the servers. The user is at liberty to have as many sites as they wish as long as they do not exceed the limits the server owner has put in place.

While the server owner handles the security and upgrades of the servers, the website buyers are responsible for running their own sites, often with the plugins and scripts that are installable from the vendor. That said, here are some of the benefits to expect from shared hosting.

Very Cost-Effective

The low price tag is the main motivator for those who choose shared hosting. Typically, it costs under five dollars on a monthly basis to have a website. The promotional rates are often cheaper than the standard rates, but in general, they are still cheaper compared to other site hosting options. Besides sharing, another contributor to cheap prices is few features. But these are still enough for setting up a small website and maintaining it.

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

Shared web hosting comes while readily available with a server space that is set up ready to accommodate several websites. All you need is a simple configuration and your site will be up and running. Meaning, you don’t need expertise in IT to make a functional site. The web hosting company will provide a control panel (CP) to help you manage everything on the website. The CP will assist you to configure, set up, and tailor-make the site for the target audience.

No Design Skills Required

Whether you are a first timer on website creation or lack the money to hire design skills, shared hosting will offer you an ample time in creating a website of your dream. Often, hosting companies have enough basic tools to make a website from scratch and maintain it. The best part is that whenever you run into an issue, you can contact the hosting company’s customer care to help. They can guide you, troubleshoot issues, and help you set up.

Those with information technology knowledge are even more privileged because they can access CMS alternatives to customize various functions on the site but with the contract terms in mind.

Faster Customer Support

Faster Customer Support

Getting support for shared hosting website is much quicker because it can impact other sites that you share with the server. Because of this effect, the web hosting vendor is compelled to respond to your problems fast. On the other hand, having a dedicated server means you are alone since the vendor will assume you have the required knowledge to create and manage your website.

In addition to directly contacting the hosting company, you can reach out to tutorials and FAQs they have on their website to take care of any problems you might be facing.

Shared Hosting Efficiency

Shared hosting is much efficient on the resources compared to dedicated servers. Just through a single server you can create multiple accounts and share the bandwidth, server space, and other resources with other users.

Upgrade Options When Your Business Grows

The fact that shared hosting provides a limited number of features can be a blessing in disguise. As you start, you will utilize the free support services and minimal features to help you kickstart your online journey. Once you have acquired the desired traffic, you can then upgrade slowly as the demand arises.

Every company will require a business website, and you can get a hosting option that suits your needs. You want a hosting solution that can meet your requirements and that of your customers. If you have high traffic already, want to use special plugins, or want to input voluminous content, then shared hosting is not the right option for you. However, if you have a limited budget, want to try out, you are not tech-savvy, and you are not expecting a high number of visitors, shared hosting is the best alternative for you.

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