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.Com vs .Net – Complete Guide
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Once you find a good domain name to represent your website, the next important thing you need to do is […]

WordPress Plugins to Supercharge your eCommerce Website
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WordPress has a wide selection of plugins, no wonder it is the first choice for businesses when trying to create […]

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Naming Your Business
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Giving your business a name will play a big role in aligning the rest of your company’s elements. If you […]

How do I Find Out My Domain Value?
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Without domain names, the addressing scheme over the internet would use numbers called IP addresses. So, instead of typing in […]

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting
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By now, you might already know that it is essential for all businesses to have websites. It is an effective […]

10 WordPress Maintenance Tips For A Smooth Running Site
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You already know the importance of keeping your WordPress website updated and secure. But what about regular maintenance? WordPress maintenance […]

The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website
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It is a familiar dilemma for developers, bloggers and business owners, to choose the right web hosting services. With so […]

Heads up: eNom phishing emails
Posted by Nikhil

A recent post at the Webmaster World turned a lot of heads when it announced the visibility of an extremely […]

Some Interesting Domain Name Facts!
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-A single individual owns over 200,000 domain names! -The longest domain name stands at 63 characters long, and is: […]