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Candid Hosting Cloud Hosting PLAN

Candid Host offers you blazing fast Cloud hosting packages that come with the power of the Cloud and easy functionality of Shared Hosting.

  • Personal

    2 CPU Cores

    Unmetered Disk Space

    2 GB RAM

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    Host 1 Website

    Free SSL Certificate

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Starts at

    400 /Mth
  • Business

    4 CPU Cores

    Unmetered Disk Space

    4 GB RAM

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    Host Unlimited Websites

    Free SSL Certificate

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Starts at

    500 /Mth
  • Professional

    6 CPU Cores

    Unmetered Disk Space

    6 GB RAM

    Unmetered Bandwidth

    Host Unlimited Websites

    Free SSL Certificate

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Starts at

    700 /Mth

Candid Host - Providing the Best Cloud Hosting India

If you want to power your business, Candid Host invites you to avail the benefits of our dedicated resources and two times faster Cloud hosting solutions. With exclusive features like infinite scalability, automated failover, robust stability and integrated caching, we give our users an experience like it is your own server.

Candid Host - Cloud Hosting India Exclusive Features

  • High performance - With a strong Cloud Hosting Infrastructure and light servers, you are sure to enjoy great performance and top resources.
  • Blazing fast loading - Varnish caching hardware stores the most used pages of your site, thus, providing 2x faster site loading.
  • Instant and infinite scaling - Now growing traffic does not mean you have to move your hosting. You can easily and instantly ramp up your RAM and CPU without a reboot.
  • Intuitive Dashboard - To make sure that your visitors are experiencing the best on your website, we make hosting performance monitoring easy with a feature-rich dashboard.
  • Automatic Failover - In case of a hardware issue, your site is automatically moved to another server to avoid any traffic loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - WordPress Hosting

What is Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is the latest web hosting technology that uses virtual resources spread across various servers to cater to all the aspects of website hosting. It is preferred to maintain fast loading websites and is highly reliable, flexible, and scalable for website hosting. It also reduces website downtime during server malfunction.

What is Varnish Cache?

Varnish Cache is a strong web application accelerator to reduce the loading time of content-rich and high-traffic dynamic websites. It can speed up a website by up to 1000 percent.

Why should I trust your Cloud Hosting?

It is because we assure highly reliable cloud hosting that automatically distributes three mirrored copy of your data across multiple devices for complete safety and redundancy. Therefore, in case of a hardware issue or overloaded resource request, the automatic failover process effortlessly moves you to another server.

Do you provide a Dedicated IP?

Yes, but you have to pay the additional cost

What is the limit for additional CPU and RAM?

You can add up to 8 GB RAM and 8 cores with your Cloud Hosting plan.

Is Upgrade or Downgrade possible?

No, an upgrade or downgrade is not possible between the plans, but you can purchase additional CPU cores and RAM.

Can you help me with Migration on Cloud Hosting?

Yes, we can help migrate your CPanel accounts to the Cloud Servers.

What is your backup policy?

Though we create weekly backups on Cloud Servers to restore your web, emails, and database content, but we are not responsible for any data loss. Thus, we recommend you to create your own backup from the cPanel.

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