Domain Name – An Important Element of Online Presence
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Domain Name – An Important Element of Online Presence

Websites are differentiated by servers using a unique number called the Internet Protocol or simply an IP. The IP is quite a long number, which is hard to remember every time individuals want to access their favorite websites. This is where a domain name comes in.


A domain name such as is easier to remember than a string of numbers such as In addition, computers on the Internet undergo configuration to recognize that is the same as

The domain name is an important element of the online presence. It is composed of two parts -mydomainname and .com. Mydomainname is the unique name that identifies the website and is also called the second level domain. It may contain letters, numbers and the dash is also allowed as long as it is not at the start or the end of the name. The second part (.com) is also called the top level domain. Other top level domains include .net (network), .edu (educational), .org (organization), .gov (government) and .biz.

Domain names have to be unique throughout the Web, hence allocation and management is done by domain registrars. There are different combinations of price, features and benefits offered by different registrars. Most domain name registrars separate their services into groups to suit the needs of clients. For instance, bloggers and individuals with simple websites will prefer basic hosting as it accommodates their needs. Businesses will require a site which can handle much more traffic, e-commerce support, scripts and therefore business hosting will be more preferable.

Once the domain name is registered, the registrar adds it to a database of available domain names. Furthermore, information about the contacts, billing and domain name server (DNS) is also added. The database known as Whois is publicly accessible and this is where all the information is stored. When one uses the domain name, the request or search is directed to the relevant DNS. The global addressing DNS system checks that the domain name used is registered and if it is, the system translates the name to an IP address. The search or request is then directed to the IP address which the appropriate server interprets and responds to.

Currently, it is very challenging to find an available name. There are more than a 100 million registered domains and many more are being registered every day. In fact, the top level domains are now so scarce that others such as .aero, .museum are in use. Personal websites are registered based on the individual’s names or interests. It is very likely that most common names are taken and therefore one may have to consider changing their preferred top level domain or use a variation of their names. It gets more complicated for businesses whose names or trademarks already exist in the domain name database.

It is in your best interests to deal with domain registration services in Mumbai that assist you in getting the domain you want. One would be able to register a domain with ease on their website and if required, their team will be there to assist.

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