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Domain Suggestion Tools!

Choosing a domain name is not an easy task. The length, each letter, and a hyphen can make or break business. People look for a domain name that firstly represents the brand, is easy to spell and simply to memorize. While choosing a name a lot of experimenting is necessary with letters and spellings. Picking a domain name requires a scientific implementation of creative thinking.

With billions of online businesses, it is hardly any surprise that most of the good domain names are already taken. But you need to select that perfect domain name for your website even if it seems like an impossible task. This is where Domain Suggestion Tools come in. These are some free tools that help you to hunt for suitable, unique and available domains to establish your own webs presence.


This tool is quite handy and gives you suggestions really fast. It is very simple to use and you will be given suggestions in three categories- Available, Registered and Favorites. The tool also tells you what is the popularity index of your search term.

You can search and sort results on the basis of popularity, length and alphabetically. There are three search term filters too for you to choose from. These are: All- Starting with search term and Ending with search term.

This is a very unique tool and you can let your creative juices flow free with it. The tool is a made-up word generator- it creates its own words in five languages- English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. You have to pick a language, select the preferred quality level, and type in your chosen word.

As the tool describes itself- “ is a webapp that strives to help you invent a good name. It makes up new words. Automagically. It knows how to create words in English or Spanish. It even knows how to create words in an imaginary language, constructed by blending two or more real languages together.”

Panabee is a name combining tool. It asks you for two words and then gives you a number of combinations available for the same. The suggestions also include related terms for both your search words so that you can brainstorm names for your domain easily.

The site also provides translations and phonetic variations. And of course you can see the latest Tweets that have been made with your search terms. Convenient and informative at the same time!

This tool has a number of tools to give you innumerable suggestions. To name a few, you can explore different combinations of hyphens for a Hyphenated Domain or you can use a Domain Name Mangle tool to alter the individual letters of your domain. There is a tool to check for the common typing errors that may occur with the chosen domain.

You can also use their Thesaurus to find alternative words for your domain name. There is a tool that jumbles up the words to present you with varied word combinations.

This tool calls itself as the ‘domain name search engine’. It provides you a list of available domain suggestions along with expired, expiring and for sale domain names. The biggest attraction for the tool is that it also provides you with Facebook and Twitter availability.

You can sort on the basis of TLD extensions, synonyms, prefixes and suffixes and other parameters. The tool also has an iPhone app for domain name search all ready to be downloaded.

Domize allows for simple and rapid domain suggestions. It checks the availability of the domain names, and also if they are soon expiring or not.

The additional checks done by the tool allow you to sift your way to the best suited domain name.

Have you come across any other domain suggestion tools? Do share them here.

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