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Tools to Design your Website!

Why do we need a website? Because it is an information hub about your company/brand. A website is more than just a URL on the browser address bar. It gives you worldwide accessibility and functionality at the web reader’s fingertips.

A successful web site will provide users with an excellent image of your business. It should provide you information, ideas and a vision on the Internet. We will help to decide in companies which create customized web site design for the small to medium sized business. Whether you need a cost effective web site or a graphic-intensive E-Commerce solution, we can provide the results you are looking for. You can look out for packages such as HTML programming, PHP programming, JAVA scripting, CGI scripting, Shockwave applet creation, Flash animation, Image Map creation, database creation, online catalogue development, E-Commerce enabling, secure credit card transaction enabling, and updating and performing ongoing maintenance of web sites.

The following should be included with a general web site design package:

  • Free initial consultation to determine what you desire your site to accomplish.
  • Who you wish to "target".
  • Constant personal interaction with developers.
  • Color image scanning and retouching.
  • Custom logo development.
  • Designing of custom graphics and forms.
  • Domain Name Registration (
  • Thorough testing of your site, pages and links.
  • Uploading of your finished site to your FTP site.

Added values you should look out for are:

  • E-Commerce enable your web site.
  • Add streaming media.
  • Add optional enhancements – frames, animations (Flash), JavaScript, CSS, etc.
  • Do database creation.
  • Create buttons/banners for marketing purposes.
  • Create password-protected areas.
  • Set up a web site management contract to make all those changes to your web site that might come up later on.

Basic Package

A cost-effective way for a small business to create an online presence. To develop a basic template, images, text, etc., The package may includes up to 7 pages (now that’s not sacrosanct) , unlimited number of links, some scanned images, custom forms and domain name registration.

Custom Package

Can be as simple as only a few pages to one with flash animation and 3D imagery. Contains approximately 10 pages, 10 scanned images, custom buttons, unique graphics, custom forms, unlimited links and domain name registration.

Custom E-Commerce

Can include database design, custom store logo design, unlimited products, real time credit card acceptance, password-protected pages, an online catalog or anything thing else you need, approximately 10 pages plus, 10 to more scanned images, custom buttons, unique graphics, storefront solution, a 100-product database or more, domain name registration and search engine registration.

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