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Virtual Hosting!

Using this new technology, the server is divided into spaces from application layer. Each partition has it’s own server applications and cannot see each other at all. Users can install or change the system in their own spaces like in a dedicate server without affecting others who are in the same physical server. It’s a good reason to explain that VPS has a good security character.

Shared Hosting

  • Easy to use, not only for there’s no server management you need to do but also for it’s cheap prices.
  • Many users share one physical server and sometimes one IP address, which makes price lower, but on another hand, you can be affected more easily by other users who share the same server.
  • You cannot customize system and install extra applications.

Dedicated Hosting

  • As a owner of a whole server, you can change the system, install applications that you want, restart the whole system when you think it’s necessary. No affect from others and much bigger disk space, whole server resource.
  • Much higher prices than shared hosting
  • You need to have knowledge of server management and manage the serve by yourself.

Virtual Private Server

(Shared UNIX hosting with a dedicated function)
VPS is using the technology which divide one Unix sever into several separated partitions, and each partition work like a independent Unix server.

Centralised VPS management

Easy Scalability

  • Enables seamless control over your VPSs, from one partition in a single server to thousands of virtual servers across hundreds of physical servers.

Automated Set Up

  • Lets you dynamically create, update and remove VPSs with shorter setup times and fewer errors.
  • Includes templates for no-worry setups of new VPSs.

Robust Server Configuration

  • Makes transferring an VPS from one physical server to another machine an automated and transparent procedure.
  • Facilitates rapid and accurate system rebuilds in the event of disaster recovery for improved customer response and server availability.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

  • Maximize server uptime and availability by letting you scale and assign resources without restarting your VPS.
  • Integration with other data center application .
  • Use comprehensive set of XML-based command line interfaces to access key objects.

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