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Want to host the site!

There are three primary ways to host a site on the Internet: Through a virtual host, On a dedicated or managed server, Server collocation.

There are three primary ways to host a site on the Internet:
As we have discussed earlier

  1. Through a virtual host
  2. On a dedicated or managed server
  3. Server collocation

Although each type of hosting customer (You!!) has specific needs in terms of the type of support they require, there are a number of common guidelines that are appropriate for all three. Here, we have discussed some tested tools you need to evaluate a technical support department.

Checklist Before Your trip

Some basic facilities are common to all support system irrespective of their functionality.
The degree to which these support functions are developed and fully utilized tells you a lot about how much value a company places on customer service.

Logged In

First you get logged into your service provider’s account and register yourself, which should lead to a good support work flow.You may prefer just to e-mail a technician and have the problem solved. A registration or ticketing systems are good for both you and the support people with whom you work. By creating a ticket or special log in, you are creating an official record of any problem you have. That means that if someone on their end does a poor job, you can find out who was responsible. It also means that you will reduce the time it takes to get a new technician up-to-speed on any problems you have had before.


Fees are another important part of any support organization. Different support organizations bill in different ways. Some places offer basic support for free as part of your hosting package. Others provide support hot lines that charge you on a per-minute basis.There arestill more ways to charge you for support. Some support departments charge on per incident basis. An incident is usually one distinct problem. You can also be billed for the time it takes a technician to solve the problem.


It is important that, whenever possible, their technical support department provides you tools and documentation so that you can solve some problems on your own. You may wonder why this is important when evaluating a support department, "aren’t they the ones who are supposed to be solving problems for you?" Yes, but sometimes it is better and more cost-effective to learn to solve problems for yourself. Not all self-service tools solve a problem per se. Some of them can make it easier to configure your hosting environment or even get information about your account. A knowledge base or FAQs are also good signs. These tools and resources will make your life easier. It takes time and resources to develop and maintain tools of this kind, so if the support department you are evaluating has them, they are trying to provide you with a means of resolving a problem quickly.

Support Service

Support departments are usually responsible for resolving technical issues or service problems. Sometimes the problem you are having is less about something not working and more about not knowing how to make it work the way you want it to work. The self-service tools and a knowledge base may help with this, but you should also look for any guides or instructions manuals the support department provides.

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