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  • Downtime has given me enough stress and lost busi ness. With your solid hosting, you guys have taken the pain out of hosting.
    Anand Prakash
  • Amazing uptime and superb support. I will never think of changing my web host again.
    Ramesh Jain
  • You guys just plain outright rock man. In the 5 years we've been operating I've yet to find a hosting company as focused on the customer as your team is.
    Jatin Dass
  • I am absolutely delighted to be using Candid Web Hosting... I can't even begin to tell you.
    Aman Gulati
  • I switched to Candid and I have never looked back... The site works great and the support is top notch. I am very happy with the Candid.
    M. Reddy
  • I am impressed with the way your company handled my support request (even though I'm still on the novice mode).
    Sunita Rao