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A website is an incredibly powerful tool to market and expand any business or venture, especially when doing brand awareness and you want to reach the global audience. To appear in the World Wide Web, however, a website must be hosted somewhere. As such, this blog explores the crucial factors and criteria you should embrace for choosing the right web hosting services to ensure you do not get off on the wrong foot, and that your online venture enjoys stability, optimal performance, uninterrupted online presence as well as its overall success.

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Many website owners lack clear understanding of dedicated web hosting services, making it hard for them to decide whether they should opt for it or shared hosting.

Dedicated vs Shared Web Hosting: Which is Better?

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When the reliability of your web hosting service determines how much money you’re able to make and the experience that your customers are able to get on your e-commerce site, then it hits you that you simply can’t settle for the next web hosting service that offers you unlimited bandwidth. You have to be more careful about who you trust with your business and you also have to consider if this is going to help you grow or drive you down to your doom. To make sure that the latter does not happen, here is a number of things that you should consider when choosing an e-commerce web hosting for your site.

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If you own a website, you should definitely consider registering your domain by opening an account with a legit domain name registrar. A domain is a name which you can use to relate to your website. You do not need to be a firm or a company to register a domain. Anyone can do it. Why is a domain name important? It is a user friendly version of a website address. If they are not present, you will be stuck with a stack of figures, which is not good for your marketing strategy.

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Reseller hosting is a plan that enables the account holder to resell web hosting services. The account holders might be individuals who want to start their own web hosting companies or web designers among others. The web hosting products that are resold include; virtual private servers, dedicated servers and shared web hosting accounts. The reseller splits the bandwidth and the drive space that is allotted to them to be able to sell to other people. Actually, the reseller is a middleman between the hosting company and the third party account owners. With regards to this, here are some of the benefits of reseller hosting enjoyed.

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